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GoDaddy is one of the best and most used internet service providing companies out there. GoDaddy an American company which provides web services. The various services provided by GoDaddy are registering a domain name, web hosting, web marketing tools, website builders, workspace email service, and office tools such as Microsoft Office 365. There are several services and office tools provided by GoDaddy but the most searched and most favorite service or you can say popular of time is GoDaddy Workspace. As people all around the world search about GoDaddy Workspace Login on the internet. The best part about this article is that if you are also among the people who search for the GoDaddy Workplace Login then you are at right place. As we are here to give you all the information about the GoDaddy Workplace Login in this article. Which will help you to understand about the GoDaddy Workspace service and GoDaddy Workspace Login?


If you are a new user or you don’t know about GoDaddy or service provided by GoDaddy then for you, we have to start with a detailed explanation about the services and office tools they provide.

GoDaddy Inc. is a publicly listed American company. GoDaddy company was founded in 1997; 22 years ago as Jomax Technologies and the headquarter of the company is situated in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States.

The chief services provided by GoDaddy, as listed above at the beginning of the article, are registering a domain name, web hosting, web marketing tools, website builders, workspace email service, and office tools such as Microsoft Office 365.

As per the reports come in May 2017, GoDaddy has more than 17 million happy customers and presently, over more than 6000 employees from all around the world.


GoDaddy Workspace Email

Some people know GoDaddy Workspace Email service as GoDaddy Webmail service. In a simple way, the GoDaddy Webmail Service is a web-based email account for the customer to send and receive emails using any email client. If you don’t know, what is an email client then for you, we have a short description of the email client. It is a type of desktop application that allows configuring one or more than one email address to receive and send emails from that particular email address through the desktop interface.

If you are new in this market then you must be thinking that why people purchase  GoDaddy Workspace email service, why people don’t choose free email service providers such as Gmail. Yahoo, iCloud Mail, AOL Mail.

The answer to your question is that the service provided by GoDaddy Workspace email is more associated to business or you can say it is suitable for the needs of a business, whereas other free email services such as Gmail are best superior for personal use.

There are several features provided by GoDaddy Workspace email service which makes it more suitable and preferable email solution for business establishments. For newcomers or you can say, beginners, the GoDaddy Workspace email service provide customers to create a custom email address. Which indicate that email address created from GoDaddy Workspace email service can have a customer email address that is followed by or, and if we compare to free email services, the free email services will have their service name behind you name such as

workspace login

GoDaddy Email

If you ask me, I will suggest you pick GoDaddy Workspace email as it is one of the best and popular custom email service out there. There are some unique and best feature provided by GoDaddy Workplace Email, mentioned below.

  1. Spam Protection Feature:

One of the most needed and required features is spam protection and happily, spam protection feature is provided by GoDaddy in Workspace email. You don’t need to select each and individual and remove spam emails flooding your inbox and especially when you are operating a business email as it will surely take away the most useful and crucial business-emails from eyesight. The spam protection feature provided by GoDaddy in Workspace email is one of the great email spam protection and the spam protection zone of GoDaddy Workspace secure their customers from more than 300 million spam emails on a regular basis.

The spam protection feature not only protects business email form spam messages or mail, but GoDaddy Workspace email service also protects their clients from viruses and many other security faults regarding email accounts.

  1. Custom Email Address

As we have discussed before that GoDaddy  Workspace Email offers you to create the custom email address which helps you to get your email address more attracted and your business email will look more professional than before.

As per the research and studies, if your business has a professional email address, then it will attract more people then usual and also your targeted customers are 9 times more likely to select your business over your competitors. Additionally, a professional email address also makes the name of your business more memorable than before.

  1. Best Support And Uptime

Uptime is the amount of time that a service is available and operational.  GoDaddy servers are very well maintained and well known for their uptime. The company proof 99.9% of uptime and if you question any GoDaddy customer, then you would know that the service from the company does stick to the 99.9% uptime claim.

The customer helpline service of GoDaddy is very excellent as they provide a very fast solution for any problem of you or any service related issues. The best part about the GoDaddy customer service is, available 24 * 7 thus providing a quick solution to customers having any issue or any other problem.

  1. All Operating System Are Compatible

There is no difficulty in login into GoDaddy Workspace email and no matter what kind of devices you are using or what kind of Operating System you are operating, you can easily and comfortably gain access in GoDaddy Workspace email from any of your devices anytime you want.

GoDaddy Workspace email can be accessed using Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or any other email application that works on the operating system and devices you use.

  1. Sync Email Feature

There is no problem that how much devices you have your Workspace logged in, as you can quickly and easily sync all the emails, in all other devices. In Workspace, it very easy to manage the emails such as deleting emails, marking emails etc., any changes you have done in your Workspace email logged in the device, will automatically update on all other devices.

  1. Huge Storage Space

By keeping in mind that customer never get out of storage in his inbox and due to this, he could not able to receive important emails, GoDaddy Workspace has given huge storage space to keep all your important emails and even customer do not need to clean up the inbox on a regular basis, customer can comfortably keep all his emails in the inbox without worrying about the storage space problem.

  1. 256-bit encryption

The GoDaddy Workspace email service is suitable for every kind of business, and if your business included in sending very secret and important emails. The Workspace will give you the 256-bit encryption which helps you to protect your email and data from every email and also make sure that the email safely reaches the receiver without getting hacked or getting to any attack.

  1. No Advertisements

As we know there are several free email service provider but all free service provider will display advertisements in a user interface. But in GoDaddy Workspace email service there is no advertisement. The user doesn’t have to see a display advertisement at all, as GoDaddy Workspace is paid service. It provides the customer with a clear and neat interface without any displayed advertisement.

  1. Email Backup

Some times people accidentally delete emails which are importantly required to them for their business. Well, if you are free to email service user then you can’t do anything about that but if you are a GoDaddy Workplace email address user than you do not have to worry about accidentally deleted emails at all because Workspace let users back up their emails so they do not miss any important emails from your inbox due to any reasons.

  1. Also Offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

It is my best feature till now, because if the customer is experiencing any problem or not satisfied with service provided by GoDaddy then the customer does not have to worry as the GoDaddy service comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. A customer will get a refund of what he has paid for the service while purchasing.

  1. Provide Separate PhoneNumber

The GoDaddy Workspace service also provides the customer with a 1-month free subscription to a secondary phone number service from SmartLine. SmartLine is an easy and comfortable usable app that provide small business owners a separate business phone number to their smartphone.

As it will help businessmen to keep track of business and personal calls separate. However, this service by SmartLine is only free for the first month and after that, it is your wish to continue the service or not, and if you want to continue the service then you have to keep in mind that it will charge some cost according to the calls per month.

GoDaddy Workspace Login

Till now, we have given all the information you need to know about the GoDaddy Workspace email service, and in the above article, you are going to read about, how you can complete Workspace Login.

Step1. If you want to login in the GoDaddy Workspace, the first thing you need to do is load the Workspace login page on any search engine of your choice.

Step2. Do nothing till the Workspace login web page completely loaded on your search engine.

Step3. After Workspace login web page loads up completely, now you can see a login form with two empty fields. One field will ask for username and another field will ask for a password.

Step4. Now you have to fill account username and password in the given field respectively.

Step5. This step is optional for you to do or not. Just below the field, you will see an option in order to make your search engine remember your workspace login username and password so next time you do not have to fill the details again when next time you try to log in.

Step6. Now you just have to press a green button just placed below the given form.

And if you have entered the correct detail of your Workspace Login account, it will directly through you at the next page without any problem.

GoDaddy Workspace Login

There are three different Workspace Login plans according to the requirement of customers. The starting cost of Workspace Login plans is over $3 and comes with 5GB storage capacity and is called “Email Essential”. Another plan is called “Email Plus” which cost about $3.5 and it offers 50GB of storage space for emails to the customers.

The most advanced and last plan is the “Business Premium” plan which costs around $9 and comes with the same 50GB storage space as the Email Plus plan. But, what makes the Business Premium plan different from the cheaper one is the availability of more new features for the users. The new feature which user will get after buying Business Premium plan is the ability to sign documents electronically, online secure storage space of 1TB and the ability to install and access the whole Office tool like Microsoft Office suite on 5 computers running either the MacOS, Window, Android operating system.

Recover GoDaddy Workspace Password

A few numbers of times, users just forget the GoDaddy Workspace account password and it normally occurs. So, to solve this issue the GoDaddy team has decided to figure out the method from which users can recover their forgotten password back. So now they have created the option from which user can recover their forgotten password back. Here are the steps, which can help you in order to recover your GoDaddy workspace login password.

Step1. If you want to recover your login password of GoDaddy Workspace, the first thing you need to do is load the Workspace login page on any search engine of your choice.

Step2. Do nothing till the Workspace login web page completely loaded on your search engine.

Step3. After Workspace login web page loads up completely, now you can see a login form with two empty fields. One field will ask for username and another field will ask for a password. Just below the empty field, you will be able to see a text as “I Forgot”. You just have to click on the text.

Step4. Now, in front of you, a new web page will appear on your search engine. On that page, you will be able to a form. Now, you have to fill the whole form in order to recover your GoDaddy Workspace login password.

Step5. In this particular form you have to fill email address connected with your GoDaddy account, and most important you also require to fill a security challenge which is situated just below the text field to enter the email address.

Step6. What you have to do in security challenge is just need to check the given box next to the “I’m not a robot” text in order to verify that all the activity is done by human being only and not by a robot.

Step7. Just check again that information you have filled is correct or not and then click on the submit button situated just below the form.

Step8. Just after you click on the submit button, it will send you a reset password to the email address associated with the GoDaddy account.

Step9. If you want to know your reset password, the first thing you need to do is load the email login page on any search engine of your choice.

Step10. After email web page loads up completely, now you can able to see the email from GoDaddy to reset the workspace login password.

Step11. Now you just have to open the email and click on the given link in your email sent by GoDaddy.

Step12. When you click on the given link, it will redirect you to another web page. From there you can easily set a new password for your GoDaddy Workspace Login Password.